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Happy Retirement, Carol Chilton!

And thank you for your years and years of hard work!

As many of you know, Carol has been GREAT’s foster coordinator for almost 2 decades. That is a long time to handle all of the administrative tasks that come with dogs and vet records and foster homes. In addition, Carol for quite a long time functioned as the sole transport for all of our foster dogs to and from the vet, as well as the initial pick up from track or farm. She has put a lot of miles on a lot of vehicles!

While Carol will continue to volunteer, foster and help with transport where needed, she is stepping back from being the point person for foster dogs and foster homes. For now, Kelly Faircloth will handle that role with the help of Don Goldstein. When Amendment 13 passes, we will regroup.

Many thanks to Carol and we are grateful for all you have done and will continue to do!

Kelly FairclothComment