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Care For Life - a Winning Solution

Captain gets a new family!


From time to time, we hear from potential adopters (or from existing foster homes!) that they would love to adopt a special needs or senior dog, but they are concerned that the dog will require medical care in the future that they may not be able to afford.  This has been a dilemma for GREAT since our inception?what do we do to encourage people to adopt dogs that have a health condition or a limited number of years left?


Over the last couple of years, we have formulated an incentive program called ďCare for Life? which we have put into place in order to make it easier for families to adopt dogs with issues... in some cases, the medication may be expensive, or the potential for expensive vet work in the future is probable, or the dog is a senior with limited time left but still needs to be able to call someplace home!  Basically it's an adoption agreement with an extra addendum that stipulates certain items that will be covered by GREAT for the life of the contract or the dog... and it's tailored to each situation.  For example, Captain (pictured above),, has diabetes insipidus which requires daily medication.  This medication is not as expensive as it once was, but itís not cheap either, and the amount that the dog needs could fluctuate.  In addition, while dogs with this condition have normal lives as long as they are well-managed, there may be the potential for periodic lab tests, etc.  These things, quite understandably, were an obstacle preventing us finding a permanent home for Captain, so he became eligible for the Care for Life program. 


His adoption agreement states that GREAT will cover the cost of his medication as well as any further testing or medical needs related to his condition, but all other medical needs, including heartworm prevention, dentals, annual wellness exam, etc. will be the responsibility of his adopter.  Itís a win-win situation?GREAT no longer has the full financial responsibility for his care as we would if he remained a foster dog indefinitely, and his adoptive family has gained a sweet, wonderful companion who will bring them years of joy, without the extra financial burden that adopting a special needs dog can bring.


So as you can see, this is a great program that makes it possible for these sweet dogs to find a home without breaking the bank for their families! 


There are a couple of things to remember.  GREAT reserves the right to decide which dogs are eligible for the Care for Life program.  In addition, ONLY dogs that are currently in foster care may be considered?if a dog develops a special need after adoption, we cannot assume responsibility for that condition.


Each contract is written to apply to that specific dog?so the Care for Life agreement for a 14 year old greyhound may be quite different from the agreement for a dog with a degenerative spinal condition.


This program has already made it possible for us to place dogs that might otherwise have remained in foster care for years and years!


If youíd like to know more about our Care for Life program and which dogs are currently eligible, please check out our Available Dogs page.  Or, you can contact us at (813) 971-4732 or you can email  If you are unable to consider a special needs or senior adoption but would like to support this program, please consider sending a donation to the following address:



Attn: Care for Life Program

P.O. Box 152407

Tampa, FL  33684-2407


Or if you prefer to donate through PayPal with a credit card, debit card or direct debit from your account, you can click on the button below to make a donation now!




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