In Loving Memory


This page is dedicated to the memory of beloved animal companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  If you would like to submit a photo and/or small tribute to your greyhound or other pet, please send it to  Memorials will remain on this page for one month.  Out of respect for the bereaved family, no tributes will be posted without their express permission.

  KB's Lindy Lady
1/5/08 2/3/18

Lindy officially joined my household of greys (the human kid was/is on his own!) in March 2016. She raced 155 times and then was a brood, having birthed 3 litters. She was quite the petite one, but feisty and active. Lindy enjoyed 2 trips to Mountain Hounds in Gatlinburg, TN and a weekend trip to Dunellon, FL for Freeway's Greyt Escape. I enjoyed taking her to work with me with either Bee or Luna or foster Mickey. She loved to lie on her back, often with all 4 legs up (roaching).

At night she'd softly snore beside me. She is very missed, especially by Luna who has just now (2/5) started eating again, and of course by me. Running free and happy with Popsycle, Jolie, Sir Guy, Merlin, Darling, Angel, Camryn, Bette, Diana, Kira, Tuesday and Gaspar.

Carol Chilton




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