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Foster Homes - the Secret to Our Success


Greyhounds are the most important part of GREAT's rescue and adoption mission, and we couldn't do what we do for the greyhounds without the foster home network!  We are in GREAT need of more Foster Homes!  If you own a greyhound now, or if you are thinking about adopting a greyhound, fostering is a great way to help GREAT and become familiar with a greyhound.

GREAT provides the foster home with a foster greyhound, food, heartworm preventive medication and kennel, but the foster family provides the most important ingredient - Love. Thus begins the challenging, fun, tearful, happy road to learning for the track and/or kennel-weary ex-racing greyhound. The foster family helps the dog learn the following: 

The foster program is so important to our success that certain conditions must exist in order to maximize the care and attention that these beautiful animals receive and deserve. One of these conditions is that there be no children living in the home that are under six years of age. Also, any situation where the home already has four pets (dogs and/or cats) will be subject to review by the Board of Directors before being approved as a foster home.

As anyone in the greyhound fostering business knows, many foster homes do adopt their foster dog(s), so GREAT continually needs to add knowledgeable foster homes to the organization's volunteer base. If you have questions about becoming a foster parent, please don't hesitate to call the GREAT line at (813) 971-4732. Or, if you know that you have love to give and want to help prepare these dogs to be a loving addition to a family, please fill out an application for a foster home on the FORM provided on our website or call the above number for a foster home application and return it by mail. Satisfaction is guaranteed!


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