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We feel that the foster parent program distinguishes our organization from other rescue agencies. The program places greyhounds in a family setting for a minimum of two weeks before the dog is allowed to be shown for adoption. This enables the dog to become acclimated to a home environment. The purpose of this program is to make a smoother transition for the dog.

Assessing the dog's temperament and personality is one of the responsibilities of a foster parent. Determining how the dog reacts to a new environment, other pets, new situations, and family members is a large part of this responsibility. Situations familiar to the average family pet will be a new experience for a former racing greyhound. Sliding glass doors, stairs, the living room couch, the cat next door, and playtime are things that require adjusting to because the dog has not encountered them before. The dog may need training to help it adjust to these situations. House-breaking is an essential part of the greyhound's training. Commitment from the foster parent is required to achieve these objectives.

Transportation is a big part of being a foster parent. Foster parents provide transportation to the veterinarian and to special events at which the dogs are shown. A foster parent may be required to deliver or pick up the foster dog.

Every dog has an unique personality. The foster parent program helps determine this to ultimately find the "best fit" with the future parent's expectations and lifestyle.

Being a foster parent takes commitment, patience, and a lot of loving care. The hardest part of being a foster parent may be that point in time when the greyhound is adopted.

Procedure to become a foster home

1.  Click here for the Foster Form.  We use the same form for prospective adopters and prospective foster parents.

2.  Complete the application and submit.

3.  Your application will be reviewed and processed.

4.  Once the application is processed and the information is satisfactory, you will be called and a home visit will be scheduled.  This meeting is to answer any questions you may have and provide helpful information about introducing the greyhound into your family.

5.  Within 24 hours after the home visit, you will be contacted by the foster dog coordinator and told whether or not you have been approved to foster.. 



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