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Adoption Requirements

Please read the following requirements carefully.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call
the GREAT Line at (813) 971-4732 so that one of our representatives can talk with you.

EFFECTIVE 8/1/2008, GREAT's new adoption fee is $200, which includes registered micro-chip, solid color leash & collar, muzzle, & GREAT tag.

1. I hereby certify that I am financially able to provide this animal with any and all medical care that this animal needs and that I will so provide.  I understand that there is no health guarantee. I understand that there will be no refund of my donation (adoption fee - $200).
2. I agree to take the greyhound to a licensed veterinarian at my expense no later than two weeks from the date of adoption for a physical examination and purchase heartworm preventative and a county rabies license.
3. I agree to dispense heartworm preventative to the greyhound as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian.
4. I agree to take the greyhound to a licensed veterinarian at least annually for a physical examination, deworming as necessary, and all recommended booster vaccinations, including rabies.
5. I agree to keep the greyhound as an inside pet.  I will comply with all laws and ordinances in force in the area in which I reside, including licensing and leash laws.
6. I will notify GREAT, Inc. immediately if the greyhound is ever lost.
7. I will not mistreat or abuse the animal nor allow another to do so.
8. I further agree that said animal shall not be used for medical, hunting, racing or any other experimental purpose whatsoever.
9. I will keep a humane choke/martingale collar on the greyhound at all times, with the current county rabies tag and a tag which includes my name and phone number.  I will not use a retractable leash at any time.  Unless in a fully enclosed/fenced area, my greyhound will always be leashed.
10. I will not attempt to hold GREAT, Inc. nor its representatives responsible for any illness or injury to the greyhound, nor for any damages which the greyhound may do to any property or person.  I accept all future liability with regard to this greyhound.
11. I will not surrender the greyhound to any animal pound or shelter, nor give or sell the greyhound to any other company, group or individual.  I will return the greyhound to GREAT, Inc. if I decide to relinquish custody or if I am requested to do so by a GREAT representative if the representative feels that the greyhound is not receiving proper care or due to a violation of any term in this contract.  I will make no charge for the greyhound's upkeep.  If I wish to return the dog to GREAT, I understand there may be a 3-5 day wait for GREAT to take the dog back into the foster home system.
12. If my greyhound has a microchip I will register as owner within 30 days of the adoption date with the veterinarian who implanted the chip, the registry and/or shelter.


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