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Our main objectives are to educate people as to what wonderful pets greyhounds can be, to place greyhounds in adoptive homes, and achieve greater public awareness about the over-breeding of racing greyhounds and the euthanasia that can result due to this practice.

GREAT, Inc. is a non-profit greyhound rescue and adoption organization located in central Florida. We find homes for greyhounds that can no longer compete in racing. GREAT has placed over a thousand greyhounds since 1990. Although we are not affiliated with the racing industry, we do receive our dogs from the trainers and owners who want to place their retired racers in private homes. We also take in stray greyhounds that have been surrendered to animal shelters. The greyhounds we receive are evaluated through our foster care program. Foster care provides a temporary home for the greyhound during its transition from track to home. The success of our organization depends solely on the efforts of volunteers, our network of foster parents, and donations from the community.


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Last Update: 07/22/11