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Sandy Paws 2009

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Some of the group from GREAT, Inc. at Sandy Paws 2009!



The Faircloth crew!


The Rennick crew!



On the way to SeaJay's for dinner (I always use muzzles in the car)!



The Friday Night Red, White & Roo Dinner!



More Friday Night Dinner attendees!



And more Friday Night Dinner attendees!



Karen Powers, Steffie & Capri Calci!



Steffie & Capri are best friends!



Wait a second... that's not a greyhound!



Laura Calci & Capri!



The Rubottoms & the Lynches!



Pani & Eva Sosnowska on Driftwood Beach!


Joyce & Julie McCarthy and Eva & Pani Sosnowska!



Whoops!  Not their best sides!



The Parade begins!



Parading along...


There it goes... see you next year!

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