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Mountain Hounds 2009

This year, several people from GREAT took the hounds on a road trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee!




Some of the group from GREAT, Inc. at Sandy Paws 2009!



The Sidney James Mountain Lodge, welcoming the hounds!


Heading downhill to sightsee!



Love is in the air at the bear Wildlife Encounter!



This little guy had great camera sense!



Angel Chilton getting treats at the picnic!



Gaspar Chilton taking an afternoon break



Bette Chilton outruns the competition!



Harley & Kumba Faircloth joining in with Bette!



Kumba Faircloth says "so what if I'm almost 9 years old!"



Kaden, Harley & Luke Faircloth (Kumba is hidden behind Kaden)



Arnie, Shamu, Heather & Racey Chickos (with humans Kelli & Steve)!



Cyndi, Sweetie Pie, Joe & Dodd Rennick


Sweetie Pie, Joe & Dodd Rennick, looking for mom!



Arnie & Shamu Chickos, Bette Chilton, Luke Faircloth & Sweetie Pie Rennick all receive a Senior Tribute!

Faircloth hounds sleep all the way back to Tampa!

Goodbye, mountains...

The end(s)!



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