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Remember the Puppies?

In December 2003, GREAT, Inc. took into foster care a young female greyhound who had

been sold at a flea market to a family who had an unaltered male, purchased previously

from that same flea market.  Well, nature took its course, and the family decided that they

couldn't deal with the puppies that resulted, so they called GREAT to ask that we take the mom

and her pups... one week after the pups were born. 


On Christmas Eve, 2003, Lolly and her 6 male pups came to GREAT. 


It's three years later, and my, how those pups have grown!  We offer you a pictorial perspective

 of Murphy,  and hope we'll soon have current photos of his siblings to show off as well!



Are you sure those one week old pups are greyhounds?



Here's Murphy - ok, he's starting to look like a greyhound!


Hey look... his nose finally grew!


Here's Murphy today, staying with his neighbors (also members of GREAT) while his parents are out of town.

It's a shame he never learned to relax!



And here's Murphy with mom Susan.  What a handsome

young man he turned out to be!  And he isn't just good-

looking... Murphy & Susan were highlighted in our

October 2006 GREATvine for their work with Project Pup!


We're so proud!

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