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Senior Triplet Birthday Party!

GREAT members celebrated a very special birthday at the Citrus Park PetSmart on July 12, 2008.  Andy Vosburgh, Cindy Faircloth & Dutch Orr are littermates, born on 7/18/95, that were all placed in homes by GREAT, and they are 13 years old!  While it's not unusual for greyhounds to live past their 13th birthday, to have three from the same litter make it to that age is pretty special!  So we gave these geriatric greyhounds a party, complete with party guests and homemade Pupcakes (special thanks to Karen Powers!) 

UPDATE:  Sadly, all three have gone to the bridge... Dutch just a few weeks after his birthday party, and Cindy and Andy just one week apart, in January.  We feel so blessed to have had them in our lives - they were all wonderful, special greyhounds.



Andy minds his own business, while Dutch and Cindy show off the family resemblance!




Grumpy  Old Dogs!





Dutch says, "I'll give you $50 from Dad's wallet if you'll stop taking my photo."



Andy says, "Mom!!!  Dutch is on my side of the rug!"



Heart-shaped Pupcakes, baked with love by Karen Powers!



Dutch seems to like them!



Halo Chester says, "I'm not a littermate, but I'm 13 too!"



Cindy says, "I'm partied out... someone call me a cab!"


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