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2010 Cruise to Alaska!

A few photos of our trip of a lifetime!


Our journey began in rainy Seattle... but where's the rain?



Dinner in Seattle... Alaskan King Crab, Snow Crab, & Dungeness Crab - yum!




When we got to Talkeetna, we never expected a full, clear view of Denali!



Here we are in Talkeetna, ready to hit the shops!



This sign in Talkeetna cracked us up... basically, leave the guns outside with your stroller!



This was taken around 9:30pm... look at how bright it is!



And here's the temperature just a few minutes later... beautiful!



On our way to Denali National Park, the next day! 

South of this point, rivers flow south, and north of this point, they flow north!



Another view of Broad Pass... so beautiful, it looks like a movie backdrop!



The next day, the other side of Denali, and we STILL had a perfectly clear view!




And now, we're on the ship, and this is Hubbard Glacier.  The ice above the water is 350 feet tall!


This little guy was staring at us as we cruised by... he's a Steller Sea Lion!



Scenic cruising... and boy was it scenic.  Most of us got a tan from being outside on deck all day!


Many more photos to come... stay tuned!


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