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In the April 2006 edition of the GREATvine, we brought to you the horrifying story of Marion Kimberly Keyes of Greyhound Retired Racers in Alabama.  At the time, we didn't identify Keyes or the group because, due to the lack of any kind of animal protection laws with teeth in Alabama, it seemed the only option was to gain the trust of Keyes, at least long enough to get the dogs away from him.


Sadly, as you will see with the links below, greyhound advocates found their hands tied, and Keyes was allowed to continue neglecting the dogs until the deaths could no longer be ignored by authorities.  Even now that Keyes has had his day in court, the consequences he faces are laughable in the face of the suffering he caused:  a suspended sentence, and 2 years of probation, during which time he cannot own animals.


Injustice for Animals - Alabama Style


Greyhound Protection League - Alabama: Injustice for Animals


If you suspect that someone has crossed the line from animal welfare to animal hoarding, please check out the following information, and if you feel the situation warrants it, tell someone. Bringing this bizarre behavior, now recognized as a form of mental illness, out into the light of day is the only hope that the animals trapped in those situations have.





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